We source local and international artists to provide the perfect artwork for your environment, providing unique pieces for homes, offices or corporate collections.¬†We work closely with our clients throughout the design process, from budget analysis to selection, creation and installation, and are always sensitive to the architectural canvas of the space and our clients’ personal tastes. Our knowledgeable and discerning team is available to curate projects anywhere in the world.
Lasmara specialises in the appraisal and subsequent conversion of fine art assets into cash, through auctions, consignment, liquidation or privately negotiated sales. We work with entire estates, personal collections or single pieces of original artwork.
Our market acumen and broad experience, combined with our well-established networks of dealers and specialists, mean that Lasmara is superbly placed to source and acquire distinctive and original works of art. We are passionate about fostering artistic talent, and work with the best emerging artists as well as those already enjoying worldwide renown. Lasmara represents individual collectors at auctions, for both buying and selling
We specialise in coordinating shipping, packing and crating, customs clearance, framing, art handling, conservation, storage, security and insurance. We provide services for artists, art galleries, auction houses, museums and private collections. Discretion and regulatory compliance are fundamental to our approach to the delivery of services anywhere in the world.
Our approach is centred on collections access and preservation. We are renowned for our attention to minute detail and our account managers will oversee every step of the process.
Our art leasing program is an accessible and affordable way to revitalise and reinvent a space, and we can offer a wide range of solutions tailored to the individual architecture and ambiance, using the highest quality original artworks. We manage the entire process from the sourcing of artworks, to negotiating contracts and arranging insurance, to delivery and final installation.
Lasmara offers exhibition, curatorial and arts-related event project management. We manage every aspect of the loan and consignment of artworks for events and exhibitions, and depending on the needs of the client, we can also offer services encompassing every stage of event organisation, from publicity and scheduling to installation of the art and the reception itself.
The fine art market is ever-changing and occasionally volatile; continual research and informed analysis is fundamental to all of Lasmara’s work, and a cornerstone of our relationship with our clients. For specific pieces, we are also able to provide authentication services or appraisal through our network of qualified experts and institutions.